I wonder that nobody has brought this up. Next summer, T4, anything in the oven? There has been no mention so far regarding the possibility of a T4 by AP. The latest release of the Terminator saga is on the way for next summer. The current "Survivor" would have filled that spot quite well if you ask me. Since it is unlikely that Arnold will play any role in this upcoming feature (busy schedule as well as sagging biceps I guess) The lead role is for Christian Bale as John Connor. I doubt there will be an oversize this time around.

Don't get your hopes up since at the moment there is no deal (as far as I know) for a T4. Yet, what do you think might happen? What would you like to see if a deal where to be struck between the producers and AP?


P.s. Rumors have been confirmed that there will be a Trulli. It is still not clear if the Barrichello 3 will in the end be the Trulli 1 though.


Speedmaster said...

I think the only thing worse than the numerous variations of the RO, is the astronomical number of versions of the Hublot Big Bang. ;-)

KronosClub said...

Well, I agree that the different Jeweler and Boutique editions are way overdone. On the other hand pieces like the Barrichello II or Team Alinghi do offer a bit more than just a visit to the "pantone" book.