The three faces...

For those that would like to see an approximation of what the different Luminovas look like, here a little exercise.

This is what the 1968 Polaris PROBABLY looked like:

This is what Jaeger INTENDED the Tribute to Polaris to look like:

This is what the first batch of Polaris (with the wrong face) looks like:

NOTE: This last picture is a "tweaked" version of the original stock photo by myself. I have attempted to get the color as close to the one I have as possible.


Jaeger leCoultre...


viki said...

Regarding 'This is what the first batch of Polaris (with the wrong face) looks like'

The 1968 re-edition you are showing is merely what the true version looks like... your photo (photoshop) is pushing the 'Rosé' color of the true 'non-matching' dial released.

If needed I could send you a true picture, just ask.
All the best, YVES.

KronosClub said...

Hi Yves,

If you have a stock photo I would be glad to post it. If not I can just take a picture of mine. The only problem with non studio photos is that they many times don't reflect the accurate color of the subject (flash, WB settings, refections, angles, etc...). Therefore I opted (as I said I would in my previous post) to "tweak" the original photo to make it look as close as the first face being released. Unfortunately although I have a fine tuned monitor most others might have different settings making it a bit different every time. Same is true if the picture is taken from a good photograph...

As mentioned this is as close as I can get it so that people can get a basic idea of the nuances between both.

By the way, are you the Yves from the Jaeger boutique in Paris? If so, I have two questions;

1.- Between both faces, which one would you go for?
2.- You don't happen, by chance, to have the phone number of the girl you have on your Jaeger home page?