Here is something I did a while back. It is what I would have loved the RB3 to be like. A black DLC-Titanium version and a Tantalum version instead of gold and platinum...

Since it seems that the RB3 will be the JT1 (Jarno Trulli) instead, I really hope that despite changing Ambassadors the watch remains the same for many reasons. Here are a couple I can think of;

1.- The "racing theme" and details related to F1 on this watch make it viable for years to come. Even without any "name" or "brand" on it.
2.- The cost of NOT making or designing new pushers, bezels, protectors and crowns will keep the JT within "reasonable" bounds.
3.- In the long run sharing similar parts like pushers, bezels, protectors and crowns will make servicing easier in the future.
4.- It is less likely to suffer delays. For once it might reach dealers when it is supposed to...
5.- The RB2 is the best looking OffShore to date. Shame to see it die...

The ideal would be NOT to limit this piece and just make it as long as Trulli is Ambassador. This would make much more sense instead of playing with different straps, faces and metals. It would also bring the cost down quite dramatically, stop speculation and allow many to have a great piece of kit that is not over the 30k mark.

What do you think?


mohannad said...

love this interpetation of the RB2
my question is that, i own an RB2 and would love to apply DLC on it, so if you can kindly guide me to where and who might do it for me that would be great. and what are the procedures done on applying DLC too a watch case?

KronosClub said...

NO!!!! Don't even think about doing that! You will loose al the value of the watch! Any modifications on a watch will affect its market value quite dramatically. If you are going to do such a modification the watch should be brand new since the PVD or DLC coating will seal all minor scratches and defects. Plus, the white face with the black case does not look too great. I tried several variants but I had to make a black face so that the piece would look good.

I know that this would look great yet doing this will not be to your advantage. Get a Survivor or find an EOD which are factory guaranteed and will be serviced. If your RB2 is in good condition sell it and get one of these other two. Your other option is to wait for something like this or spread the word that you (like many others) would love something like that. If enough people ask for this than maybe, just maybe, AP might go on and do something like that.

On any other watch I would probably say go ahead, but not this one. In fact, it has been done before and the results have been quite satisfactory. You only need to know that once you "tuneup" your watches aftermarket value goes south big time.

D. said...

I love this watch. wauw!!!!
If someone have it please let me know and I buy it.