A Trulli misunderstanding...

Since my last post... right bellow this one. I have been bombarded via email for more info regarding the making of this piece and where it will be available for order (including two official dealers). Until now my reply stated that this was only a "wish" and nothing else. Apparently this post has caused a bigger stir than I thought at first. People have been running like possessed to their ADs and attempted to place orders for something that is not even in the oven yet. The commotion has been such that I have been kindly asked to REMOVE or EXPLAIN that this interpretation of the "Trulli" is just insane ramblings of a madman (my self). Since it is too late to remove than I will just explain.

The interpretation of what could be the next Trulli is just that...


It is simply a wish and desire of many (myself included...) of what we would love to see in the near future. In no way do I have any certainty that the next racing edition will be even close to this.

Several things come to mind;
1.- Far too many people visit this Blog.
2.- Too many just look at the pictures and don't read the text.

There is nothing certain regarding the JT1. What I do know is that the RB3 will be. It shall reach stores before end of the year. Don't expect any pictures until then. Since the successful un-secret launch of the "Survivor" the pictures will not be issued until the first pieces have been delivered by the ADs.

With all this I hope that AP start doing what customers want and not what THEY want the customers to like. Time to recap guys...

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