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Here is a very honest first contact critique from Velociphile on two of AP's boys, the Jumbo and the more recent 15300. I must admit that I agree with both critiques and conclusions, but there is one thing I would like to point out to buyers... he comments;

"Additionally, the winding rotor of this piece exhibited quite a lot of stick, very different from the free running item of the brand spanker. Maybe it had just been stored a while, but disappointing all the same. You wouldn't want to leave the showroom feeling like it needs a service or with "let's see how it goes" ringing in your ears."

With this I would like to point out that watches that have been sitting in stores for some time will/might have problems. Like described in the Watch Maintenance Guidelines not moving the watch (keeping it in a safe) and heat (direct sunlight, display halogens, hot shop windows...) will most likely render the lubrication ineffective or non existent. If you can, order the watch as factory fresh as possible. What you save on a good deal at the store you will eventually loose in servicing, plus the aggravation... Remember that 90% of the stores that sell watches have no idea what they sell. Regardless of what the seller says, ALL good watches need service. Whether it's cleaning, lubricating or changing rubber gaskets you will inevitably need to go through the hoop (...and sometimes it's on fire!). Make sure you count the possible cost of having the watch serviced to the total cost of the watch, then decide if it is a deal or not.

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