PITA "Oceana"

Still only a prototype, this PITA "Oceana" shows some promise. What is revolutionary here is the construction of the case. It has no crown and no back plate making it waterproof to surreal depths. It is not filled with silicon-oil and measures 42 mm wide and only 17 mm think. The concept is based upon pressure itself to ensure its waterproofness. The more pressure is exercised on the case, the more it becomes airtight. The glass is a special 8 mm thick poli-blablabla-acrylic... (just can't remember) that will, unlike sapphire or mineral glass, withstand maximum pressures without fading or braking. Quiet a logic and simple conclusion if you ask me, but like many things somebody else could have thought of that but didn't. Maybe this is where genius truly lies.

I can't wait to see the final or more advanced versions.


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Speedmaster said...

Very interesting stuff, thanks.