Guidelines & Recommendations

I have setup a page with what I think are the most important "guidelines" to ensure the longevity of a watch. Without going into "psycho-care" these are a good start, especially for novel watch lovers. Most of you will have these in your mind already. Even though they might be common sense to you they are definitely not to everybody. This list is very useful if you just gave you wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend a Patek and he/she is NOT from "Watch-Planet".

Guidelines & Recommendations...

The fist ten are general guidelines, now it's time to work on the "Recommendations". A good recommendation could be; "Putting your watches in a suitcase and checking it in is not a good idea. Luggage gets lost and broken into all the time. Try to travel with one watch, in the worst case make sure the other watches are in your pockets. Tourist bags are always at danger and make a great target."

If you have any recommendations please post them here or email me. I will add the ten best.

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