Patek underpriced?

After the 3712's stratospheric price increase, going from 18,000$ (list price) to, in some cases, above 36,000$ (pre-owned but unworn). Was it really because it was retired before all where manufactured and delivered to the stores? For the most part this is probably true, yet looking around at new or resurrected brands it seems that Patek is very reasonably priced. Hell, they look like a bargain! There are several "fellows" out there that are asking real fortunes for a lot of show and very, very little history. I don't question their excellence, but it is inevitable that I compare their price-tag to Patek or Rolex. I am not a big fan of either but I do consider them good points of comparison when it comes to pricing. In my book a Patek 5970 goes way before a Lange Datograph Perpetual (the Lange is around 60k more, and even if the finishing of the Lange goes beyond that of the Patek...).

Comparing them with these "benchmarks" gives me a good idea of their value for money relationship. However, this "meter" of mine seems to be way off lately, because I just can't agree with some of the prices out there. I am really making an effort not to mention some ridiculous examples out there. Look around for yourself and compare, you will be surprised.


Velociphile said...

Yes, I agree Patek is a very good benchmark standard. However, just lately I have been noticing some really surprisingly cheap pieces; I mean 'real' prices not RRP. Some I have seen selling for nearly 60% discount off RRP and not just unpopular stuff. 2 for 1 levels.... Maybe it's a weak dollar or maybe a sign of something else. Perhaps the market will split into fragments with the high/super high end continuing up and the mid range (I mean <$30k) will begin to suffer. I have a very itchy wallet right now and so much is tempting me running up to my 40th.

KronosClub said...

Yep, there are some real treats out there. However, bevare if the discount is too low it is a sight that what you and I think is a "hot" product might not be. I know that itchy feeling, and it has been killing me since yesterday, until I found out that the Lange "Double Split" was simply out of my reach. If you ever see one; look away and run, run fast! Ohhh, what torture!