Revivals of classics is becoming more than just a trend. Like Jaeger's AMVOX1 that is a re-edition of the "Polaris" from the 60's or Patek's "World Timer" that was recently upgraded to look even more like the original. If they where popular watches in their time and the style is back in fashion, why not add todays manufacturing and finishing to yesterdays designs?

This re-edition of the "California" will be highly sought after. The approximate 5,000$ price is well within reason although the 47 mm Radiomir case might be a bit too large. Unlike the Jaeger this one does not vary and is as close to the first and original Panerai as possible. In this day and age where everybody has to have their brand in big heavy letters everywhere, Panerai (Richemont Group) have decided to be true to the original and have no brand on the dial, kudos to you guys... This could very well be the most authentic replica ever made. Many Panerai collectors "must" have this Radiomir in their collection.

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