HD3 Idalgo "XT-2"

Granted, double straps look vulgar. Am not a fan of double-adjacent faces either, but for some reason I like this... thing. It's confusing, weird and awkward... yet I can't stop looking at it. Have I lost my mind? Thank good this "thing" is out of my wallets range (by about a mile!) or else... no! Stop, wake up!

This is one of those "projects" that have been in the works for some time. Personally I did not think it would ever see the light. Soon 33 people will hold one of these Idalgos (in four different metals), most of them already have an owner. It's not a Tourbillon (thanks for that!) and it is ETA based. So, why is it so outrageously expensive? Well, there is about 2,000 hours of work behind the Idalgo's XT-2 movement. You don't want to ask what Swiss engineers charge per hour... believe me, you don't.

I would have loved to see this design on one dial instead of two, and at a more affordable price. It sure would move away from the same'ol boring stuff.

PRICE Switzerland: 120,000 CHF.


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