UPDATE: Nautilus 30th Anniversary

100% confirmed. This will be the presented lineup for the 30th Anniversary Nautilus;

- The Jumbo with no power reserve and the same line pattern as the original.

- The 3712 will be called 5712 and will be exactly the same watch except for that minor rounding of the sides.

- The 5712 will be on leather in white and rose gold. The rose gold with a brownish face.

- The chrono (a mono-compax at 6 o'clock) is based on the 5960 but will not have the annual calendar function. It will have the date with a window at 3 o'clock though.

- All will have the classic Patek line pattern on the face (thanks for that!).

- The variation on the case will be minimal. Only the hinges that stick out a little are slightly rounded off. You will not be able to see the difference from three feet away.

Will have pictures on the 11th at 10 a.m. European time...

Patek Philippe...


Velociphile said...

Great info Dario. Here's hoping it's a two hander. ;-D

Velociphile said...

Hey, D 'ave you seen this:

5800-1a €13,200 (The small one)
5711-1a €13,900 (Jumbo!)
5712-1a €17,500 (The moon one)
5980-1a €26,300 (The simple chrono)

Sensiblish prices after all....


KronosClub said...

NICE! Great info. Although I am not too hot on the chrono. Not at that price at least.