Many, including me, where very surprised at Eterna's beast. The Indicator by Porsche Design is surely a piece of machinery that turned more than a few heads. What is particularly interesting is the digital approach to display information with mechanical means. This could be the only watch that I forgive its excessive size (almost 50 mm!!!). Even though it is way too large for me (and most other humans) I respect it because the movement actually "fils" the case. It is not large because it is fashionable, it is large because it can't be small. That, I respect. Large with no purpose and for the sake of being fashionable, I don't.

It has been several years since this piece by Porsche Design (Eterna) and the design components have not trickled down to cheaper more affordable models. Very unfortunate, since I consider the other watches of Porsche Design to be very cheesy. Except for the P011 which is a replica of the first PVD'ed watch in history, there is no other watch in their current lineup that remotely says "buy me". When IWC made the PDs I remember the Ocean 2000 diver model or the Ocean with a compass, probably their most appealing watch. It would be nice to see exact replicas of these as well.

Porsche Design...

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Anonymous said...

Glad you like the P011 by Porsche. I love mine. very understated - doesn't get noticed except by those who know...

One problem.

Mine has just been sent in to be seviced in London through my local Goldsmith's and has been returned with the strap very tarnished. It turns out that it has been cleaned with something (as a matter of course) which has reacted with the strap's coating.

There is now a big notice on the service agents noticeboard and I am now awaiting my P011's return from Switzerland! In one piece I hope.

Mike, Kent UK