Jack's Watch

For all "24" fans out there... the watch that Jack Bauer wears in season 5 is a "Special Ops". Here is the link to their watches.

Special Ops...

Initially the watch he used in the series (at least season 1) was a standard Submariner. The quality of the pictures is so appalling that I refuse to post them here (guys, do something about it!). In spite of being quartz they are cool watches none the less.

p.s. Thanks Park!


Olivier said...


First of all, great blog for fan of beautiful time keepers.
And, sorry that Kiefer Sutherland changed from Baume et Mercier to this "Special Ops". It suited well the serie, but not the man in my opinion.

Regarding Baume et Mercier, they are now official watch supplier of Gary Sinise from CSI New York. Gary is wearing a Riviera model with white background as it can be seen on their website (http://www.baume-et-mercier.com/f/index_f.aspx).

KronosClub said...

Thank, Olivier! Great info. I guess all of this is related to who pays more to feature their products in series or movies. Although I must admit that the "Special Ops" is a more realistic choice for the 24 series. The price is also realistic compared to the average salary of a Government Official. You can be certain it's not much.

What would be ridiculous is if it where a guy, let's say a Fireman, that had a Royal Oak OffShore for the modest list price of 18,000 $. Then have him look for a bunch of terrorists in some South American country and be taken prisoner, several times... AND NOBODY SNATCHING THE WATCH FROM HIM! Wait! I think I actually saw that movie... (I give 10 brownie points to whoever can tell me the name of the movie). I have nothing against Firemen, like everybody I am a big fan, yet considering their line of work I doubt that any of them would wear such an expensive piece that would not last long under these extreme conditions.

Olivier said...

Let me guess, are you thinking of a movie whose hero is now governor of California, and called "Collateral Damage" ? If so, yes you are right but remember terrorists don't read KronosBlog :)

KronosClub said...

And YES! The 10 brownie points go to you Sir!!! :-D