Am not a quartz guy but this is an interesting watch to look into, especially if you are a diver. Unfortunately because it's filled with silicon oil it is impossible to have an automatic movement inside. The resistance of the silicon oil would not allow the weight of the movement to wind the watch properly. A manual could be an idea but I guess that there are several problems with that as well. This monster is rated at a depth over and beyond 12,000 meter. Yes, it goes deeper than any submarine (and most likely any living being on earth). Why need that sort of waterproofness you ask? Well, why do you own a car that goes faster than the legal speed limit? Same thing here. Because I could... if I would (not that I do, of course ;-D).

What I particularly like about this UX is that it does not have that annoying air bubble of similar models from other manufacturers. The added benefit of being much easier to read when under water (because of the oil inside the face) adds a certain "eeriness" to the watch, as if it was its natural habitat.


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