The Bang!!!

Considered an AP "Montoya" knockoff by many, the Big-Bang has put Hublot back on track in markets that where dead for them not so long ago. An extraordinary achievement by Jean Claude Biver. I was never a fan of Hublot but I must admit the Big-Bang is honestly priced. Sure, it isn't engineered out of a solid piece of gold, and the "sandwich" case considerably reduces production cost... but most people don't care, especially their target market.

When handling it feels surprisingly comfortable despite its size and weight. The strap is a bit too soft for me but it's more conformable to wear than harder rubber straps. The finishing and details are adequate and well worthy of its price-tag. Nothing to object it's approximately 17,000$. I personally like the rose gold and Tantalum bezel combo better. Extreme reactions generally accompany interesting products. No sense in denying that it looks gaudy and large, you might not like it but it's just what the market demands.


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