Luxury Phones

It was not too long ago when we used to pay around 4,000 $ for a mobile phone. The beast, a mitsubishi I reckon, used to be the size of your briefcase and just as heavy! Many carried it proudly around, some left it in the car, others on the boat. Then came that cream colored Motorola (about 3,000 $) and the size of the 2nd World War field walky-talky that Rommel himself used in the desert campaigns... Today, things have changed quite a bit. Phones are ridiculously small and are jammed with all sorts of interesting features. Operators throw them at you for peanuts plus thousands of free minutes. We where accustomed to the "that" back then, and we are used to "this" now. Then something like VERTU comes along. After all this time we forget and say things like; "I will never pay 4,000 bucks for a phone!". An interesting statement when you paid that much money 15 years ago for a 3 kilo (6 pounds) briefcase with a 4 hour battery life... What is contradictory is that we spend thousands on our watch, yet very little on one of our most crucial day-to-day appliance. Even though I am a watch-nut I must admit that the phone is a much more indispensable item. Which one would you take if you had to choose between one when leaving your home, your watch or your phone? When you forget one of them, which one feels more like you need it? Be honest...

The question is; Is there a market for luxury mobile/cellular phones? You bet there is! It won't be long since we start to see other brands that offer high-quality hardware in electronics. I am certain that Sony will be next in the battle with a Qualia series phone. Can't wait to see what they come up with!

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