Jaeger LeCoultre "AMVOX 2"

At Last, somebody has come up with a different approach to the chronograph! Activated by pressing on the glass (at 12 o'clock) for the start/stop function again (at 6 o'clock) for the reset. Part of the mechanism is displayed to demonstrate, it actually looks like the brake calipers of a car.

At the present time there will only be 250 of this particular version on the market. There are no plans, at the present time, to include this movement in a regular production model, so once they are gone... Even if years from now it is re-issued, this one was the first and will always hold its ground. Could this be the sequel to the "Memovox Polaris" in years to come?

The AMVOX 2 will be available at your dealer in June 2006.

The price: 12,500 Euros.

Jaeger LeCoultre...

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