Nautilus Hype?

Few watches have risen to stardom like the Patek 3712 in such short time. It was announced several months ago that it was being discontinued (although orders are still being served until the whole run is finished). Some believe that it is a way to push sales of all Nautilus before the 30 year anniversary model and clear the old stock. Amongst others there is a rumor that claims that Patek will no longer produce any more steel watches. Once this rumor spread the 3710 joined the craze. The 3710, also known as the Jumbo, has been one of Patek's "hard to find" watches for a while now. Much more appreciated in Europe than in the US, it was already a difficult catch. Both, the 3710 and 3712, are rising in the market to outrageous prices as rumors spread like bonfire. Where the truth is in all of this? I wish I knew.

Personally I doubt that steel production will be stopped, since it would be quite stupid to market something as a sports watch and use precious metals. Gold and Platinum have no advantages over steel other that aesthetics, and even that sometimes is debatable. A sports watch in a soft and heavy metal case is not a good idea. In the mean time the presentation of the 30th anniversary has been delayed until the last quarter of this year.

Patek Philippe...

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