Not everything that shines is Gold...

There is a growing interest in more complex metals and materials used in watches recently. Some of them, like ALUSIC and ALACRITE 602, have never been used before. This was due for several reasons; not commercial, impossible to machine, too hard, can't find enough, too expensive, not discovered yet, etc... Today with new technologies there has been a recent number of watches with alternative materials. It is unfortunate that most of them are either Limited Editions or are no longer produced. Here is a list of some watches that are made out of more exotic stuff;

Harry Winston "Z2" - Zalium
Royal Oak "Concept" - Alacrite 602
IWC "Flieger" - Ceramic
SINN "U2" - U-boat (German Submarine) Steel
Panerai "172" - Tantalum

Will we see a growing number of alternatives to steel and gold in the future? I sure hope so. Let's see what this year brings us?

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Speedmaster said...

I love everything about these new RMs.