NOKIA 8800 "Sirocco"

Nokia is about to unleash its 8800. First the VERTU "Constellation", then the 8800 Titanium Special Edition and now the Sirocco.

This improved version of the 8800 has a 2 megapixel camera, a slightly better battery life and something described as a "premium user interface". Premium user interface... hummm, does that mean that all other Nokia phones are less than premium? Interesting, I wonder if the Vertu "Constellation" is worth it at all. It was meant to be a better and improved version of the 8800 a way to fill a gap between the 8800 and the Vertu "Ascent", but since Nokia is already doing that... why bother? For the Concierge service, you say! Well, you don't need to have a Vertu to have Concierge service since it can be contracted by anybody with any kind of phone. Yes the Concierge service is really subcontracted by Nokia, it costs about a thousand bucks a year for something that unless you live in the UK or US is a total waste of your well earned money. The only advantage now over the 8800 is that the Vertu is quadband, but I suspect that there is a 8800i in the works that will have that feature included.

Other than that it's the same'ol 8800.

p.s. I swear I am not going to mention phones again... for the rest of this month.

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