UPDATE: Nautilus 30th Anniversary

Ok, we are getting closer. This is what I know for know;

- There will be three models. A Jumbo, a Moon and a Chrono.

- Although the Chrono will be presented on the 11th it will have a delay in delivery of at least 2 months. It seems that the seconds hand of the chrono was too light and "vibrated" when in action. They had to redesign the seconds hand and remanufacture them, a delay is inevitable. I must admit that although I am disappointed at the delay I am very glad Patek did not just look the other way and addressed the issue immediately. A few manufacturer would not have even noticed (I recall flaws like screws falling off a certain model by a certain High-End manufacturer).

- The case of the new Nautilus will have several "slight" changes. The side "wings" will be reduced, the resulting case will harmonious than the older model. The new case will be thicker and in a more soft convex shape (that is unconfirmed though).

- The Chrono will not have an annual calendar complication.

- The Chrono will be automatic and based on the 5960. Which means that it will be modular. What I don't know yet if it is a tricompax, bicompax or like the 5960 has the counters of the chrono in the same axis.

More next week...

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TonyK said...

Any word on metals to be used for these 3 watches ?