A few post down I complained that the new Master Tourbillon was not bold enough. Today I have discovered this amazing piece! Why didn't Jaeger give their latest Tourbillon that same look? You can be certain that if they did there would be lines waiting in front of dealers similar to that of teenagers at their favorite bands concerts. (just kidding...)

The Master Repeater in Platinum was already a great piece of work. The Master Repeater in Titanium is the icing on the cake. A brilliant, more modern execution on the previous version. This proves that the Master series can look up to date.

By the way, in a perfect world ALL repeaters, alarms and sonneries should be in titanium cases. The less dense the metal the more sound performance you will get. However, it is difficult to explain to somebody that he/she will have to dish-out about 200k for something that is not gold or platinum. I will post a sound file to demonstrate the difference between the rose gold Compressor Memovox and an AMVOX1. The difference is quite noticeable, to say the least.

PRICE E.U: 119,000 € aprox.

Jaeger leCoultre...

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TonyK said...

I really like this one, clean crisp and quiet, A definite slam dunk compared to the Richard Mille wannabe's that Patek and Vacheron came out with last spring.
This means that I will have to get another zero on my payroll to jump up to the toys I really want.

Great piece JLC !!!!