Perpetual OffShore

The only watch not to have any brand name or company logo on the face or bezel. Very few of these OffShore Perpetuals (about 15 units) where made and it's likely that AP have not noticed that "flaw" on the face. Until now the Perpetual OffShore has been flying under the radar. It's very unlikely that they would make such a watch and not put their brand on the face on purpose. If you where AP would you make a double complication and not put your logo there? Don't think so?.. me neither.

This OffShore was well before its time. A steel Perpetual weighing half a pound at that price, unthinkable! Back then when watches where still small (hell, Rolexes where BIG watches!) such a behemoth was simply insane. It took AP eight years, a radical increase in the size of watches worn by the general public and many demands from collector and fans to put the Perpetual OffShore back in the production line. The new Perpetual OffShore in Titanium, not everybody's favorite metal unfortunately, this time HAS their logo and name on the face.

Psssst... AP, I you are reading this (unlikely, I know...), titanium watches and white faces just don't work too well.

Audemars Piguet...

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