After much speculation (and at this point probably wishful thinking) that it would be replaced by an in-house Patek movement, the 5070 with the "Nouvelle Lemania" is still around. Honestly guys, isn't it time to do something about this? The 5959p was obviously not the replacement.
Come on Mr. Stern, grant us a NEW manual bicompax chrono born and raised in Patek. Especially knowing that Lemania has ceased supply of their movement to companies outside of the Swatch Group. Fellas, Basel 2007 would be a great opportunity to at least show that you are doing something about it? What about the new 30th anniversary Nautilus that is around the corner? I simply can't believe that it will have a Lemania inside. It just makes no bloody sense! Especially since the 5070 will only be produced until 2008 and Lemania has ceased to supply this movement. The question is; Will the new Nautty have the long awaited Patek chrono?

Personally I believe that there is NO WAY that the new Nautty will have the same movement as the 5070.

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