Not for me...

I have noticed lately that many (dealers, publications and others...) are pushing the Millenary very hard. I wonder if this strategy will eventually payoff and not discredit those that are pushing it. Personally I think that the Millenary is one of AP's mistakes. It's just horrible.

I have no other way to describe it, it just does not work for me. There is nothing written about taste but this? Because I try to keep an open mind I have embarked on a quest to find somebody that could explain to me (in case I missed it) why this is a nice looking watch. Needless to say, I am still searching. Maybe my problem is that I do like symmetry and the dial takes me to the side. I might reconsider and who knows, it might grow on me. Maybe it's just that the movement is nothing special and that definitely does not help.

If you like the Millenary please respond and explain this to me. (Subsequently write a 500 word essay titled "My irresistible urge to NOT wear my glasses... ever".)

Audemars Piguet...

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Velociphile said...

Yep. Agree. Cookietossingtastic.