ZENITH "ChronoMaster Open Neo-Vintage"

Zenith, no, please stop it, stop the torture! If I see one more Open ChronoMaster my head will explode. Worse, I am sick of "El Primero" everywhere. Those that know what it is already know it's in there. The ones that don't, just don't give a shit. Really.

I remember back when Zenith was only an obscure to the general public yet highly respected manufacturer. Appreciated by many insiders and collectors alike a decade ago, today it seems to be stuck in the past. It's as if they are going nowhere (except their price, that has been going way north). What once was a great powerhouse is stuck mechanically in the past and has turned rather to glamour-promotion than thechnological feats. It's almost as if "El primero" was a curse instead of an achievement. They seem unable to move on.

... and that term, "Neo-Vintage"... what the hell? Wait! I got one for you, "Neo-Crap". Nice he?


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